Dimitrou Theodora

Personal information

Date of Birth:03.07.1986

Direction: Vrilissia, Athens

Tel: +30 6936735976

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Professional Experience

2009 - TODAYTechnical Manager - Tennis Coach at NIKI DROSIAS Sports Club

2012 - 2013: Project Manager in aqua aerobics and Tennis Coach at Polis

2010-2012: Tennis Coach at Galatsi Sports Club (Attiko Also)
HTF (Hellenic Tennis Federation)

JANUARY- JUNE 2010: Tennis Coach at Pendeli 1st primary school

MAY - JUNE 2009: Coach at Athlopolis Sports Club - organisation “ΠΑΙΖΩ”

DECEMBER- MARCH 2009: Ski Coach at Parnassos Ski Centre

2006 - 2008: Project Manager at swimming - Lifeguard at Family Sports Club


2004-2009: TENNIS COACH DIPLOMA SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT SCIENCE - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
1st specialisation: Tennis
2nd specialisation: Ski 

2006: LIFEGUARD DIPLOMA - Athinna Swimming Center



JUNE 2022: 1st Stage holder (S1) of ETC trainers! education
Begginers training 4-10 years, 11- 16 years and adults
Recreational training for children and adults

JUNE 2019: Players U10 and advanced orange level players Training seminar with lecturer Mr. Manos Moulianitakis

MAY 2018: Tennis Coaching Seminar with key lecturer the Manager of Development of I.T.F. Mr. Dave Miley

MAY 2016: 19th Tennis Coaching Seminar

JUNE 2014: Camp - Workshop of red and orange level players with key speaker Mr. Richard Marklow

FEBRUARY 2014: Tennis Coaching Seminar “Physical Condition Training” with key speaker Mr. Richard Westman

MARCH 2013:1st Seminar of specialised topics of Tennis Coaches Education Program by HTF with key speaker Mr. Mark Tennant 

MARCH 2012: Tennis Coaching Seminar «Athletes’ Development 11-14» by HTF in association with ITF with key speaker Piotr Unierziki

DECEMBER 2011: Tennis Coaching Seminar «10’s» by HTF with speakers Mr. Papachatzis and Mr. Moulianitakis

JULY 2010: Hellenic Tennis Coaching Seminar Play & Stay by HTF with key speaker Mr. Manos Moulianitakis

MARCH 2010: Partitipation in the Wellness & Fitness Hellenic Seminar 

MAY 2009: Hellenic Tennis Coaching Seminar by S.P.Α.Ε. with key speaker Mr. Keith Reynolds

JUNE 2008: Tennis Chair Umpire Seminar (Level 1) by ITF 


  • Greek
  • English
  • French

Social and Organizational Skills

Communication, decision making, organisational and time  management skills, leadership, ability to adjust, team work, creativity

PC Knowledge

ECDL Core Diploma, pc experienced user


Reading, travel, cinema, theatre

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.