University of Burgundy graduate student

Tennis Coach

2018 - today: ETC / Responsible for implementing ETC’s Training Programs & Public Relations Manager

2018 - today: Tennis Coach at “Politia Tennis Club”

Physical Education Teacher

2018: Teacher of Physical Education at “Little Stars” Kindergarten 

2017 - today: Teacher of Physical Education on Little Stars School Excursions and Educational Programs

Certifications - Seminars - Conferences - Distinctions

2017 - today: Personal coaches education sessions / Tutor: Manos Moulianitakis

2019: Implementation of ETC Training Programs / Sitia, Crete / (July - August)

2018: Organizing / Attending ETC coaches information session / Manos Moulianitakis / ADvantage Tennis Club / Athens / (June 23)

2018: Attending Seminar entitled "Developing Junior Player: detailing practice. The Difference Between Coaching Top Performance Junior Players and Competitive / Advanced Junior Players »/ Manos Moulianitakis / Athens / (April 10)

2018: Attendance of the 2nd Training Workshop "Advanced Red Level: Red Level, Tech-Centered Method, Game-Centered and Tech-Centered Methodology in Players Development of 6 and 7 Years" / Manos Moulanitakis /

2016: Certification and Attendance of "TRX Suspension Training Course L1" / (February 28)

2016: Attendance of Educational Conference "Physical Education in Primary Education" Association of Greek Teachers, Officers, Physics, Education/ Athens / (February 13)

2016: Attendance Seminar - Workshop on "Developing Tennis Players 11-14 Years, Contemporary Approaches to the Training Process, Technique - Tactics - Mental- Physical Skills" / Manos Moulianitakis / Thessaloniki

2016: Attendance at the 19th International Conference on Physical Education & Sport of the Union of Gymnastics/ North Greece, (Number of Seminars: 10) / Thessaloniki / (April 8-10)

2016: Attendance at a Seminar titled "Tennis in Elementary School", 19th International Conference on Physical Education & Sport, Union of Gymnastics/ North Greece/ Thessaloniki / (April 10)

2016: Attendance of a Training Seminar "Prevention and First Aid of Sports Injuries", by Association of Greek Teachers, Officers, Physics, Education / Athens / (April 19)

Athletic Experience






PC Knowledge

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Scratch