Coaches workshop dais 08-03-2020

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ETC / Evolving tennis coaching… a school for coaches and players and the Department of Physical Education and Sport (in collaboration with the University of Burgundy) at City Unity College, are holding a Coaching Workshop on Sunday, March 08, at the Sports Center DAIS (

Coordinator and speaker is ETC’s  Technical Director Manos Moulianitakis (CV), with a keynote speaker, the scientific partner, ETC’s  responsible for Mental Skills Coaching, MSc in Sport Science - MSc in Training Science - European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology - PhD in Sport Science, Talent ID and Development, Elizabeth Velentza (CV).

The Organizing Team consists of:

ETC’s Responsible for implementation Training  Programs,  PR Supervisor and  ETC-DAIS Project Supervisor, Spyros Diakainisakis.

ETC's  Finance, Advertising, Promotion and Social Media Manager, Agapi Moulianitaki.

Tennis Specialty Professor at City Unity College, ETC Tutor and LAB Tennis Project General Manager, Yiannis  Lambrou.

 ETC’s  supervisor for  Northern Greece, ASAP Tennis Academy Coach, Odysseas Trigidis.

The workshop will focus on the Mental skills  training, with specific approaches (i) on-the-field application by the coach, (ii) under the age of 10 years and (iii) in concentration and focus skills.

Following the presentations, an experiential workshop will be held, with a theme referring to the presentations.

Participation cost: 40 €

Students attending City Unity College: 30 €

Members of all ASED coaching teams: 30 €

DAIS Members: 30 €

Applications by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Monday 02 March 2020.


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