A program for practicing psychological techniques

Dedicate 20 minutes daily.

Let’s start…

Emotional Control: It will help you control your emotions and get a better concentration and focus.

• Imagine a state of anxiety
• Take time and think until you feel feelings of anxiety, fear, doubt
• Focus on the feeling and influence it has on your body
• Take a deep breath
• Now switch your mind state to a situation that makes you feel capable, safe and successful
• Go back - forward to those emotions - Ending with the positive
[feeling good]
• Now find a keyword that describes the situation when you feel positive

• Repeat the same process:

When you breathe deeply - switch from negative thinking to positive - and say the keyword

• Repeated several times 

• Feel the negative and positive feelings of these thoughts

• Finally, imagine yourself, confused or scared. Take a deep breath and now try to say the key word to provoke positive emotions in yourself.

Relaxation Technique: Practicing Breath Control will help you achieve calmness and relaxation.

  • For calmness and concentration:
    Breathing Rate 4x4
    (4 times breath in & 4 times breath out)
  • To eliminate or trigger the intensity :
    Breathing rate 4x1
    (4 times breath in & 1 time breath out)
  • For quality sleep, rest and relaxation:
    Breathing rate 4x7x8:
    4 times Breath in
    7 times hold your breath
    8 times Breath out 
  • This One Will Help You Relax Your Body:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

Breath + Hands – Shoulders  - Neck    - Face    - Feet   - Body  - Breath.

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Elisavet Velentza
ETC Head of Mental Skills Coaching
MSc in Sport Science
MSc in Training science
European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology
PhD in Sport Science, Talent ID and Development

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