Webinar No.1 Thursday 23/4/2020


ETC / Evolving tennis coaching, a school for coaches and players, organized the first Internet Coaches Education Seminar / Webinar, on Thursday, 23 of April, via Skype.

Speaker was the Technical Director of ETC, Manos Moulianitakis (CV).

Watch moments from the webinar on our Youtube Chanel on the links below:

Theme:  “Abstain from tennis for a long period

Practicing with junior players Under & Over 10 years of age

A specific approach, from the Coaching-Technical and Tactical perspective , to the key elements”

Via Skype: Thursday 23- 04-2020

Organizing Team :

  • Head of Program Implementation and Public Relations of the ETC and Head of operation of the ETC-DES project, Spyros Diakainisakis.
  • Financial, Advertising, Promotion and Social Media Manager of ETC, Agapi Moulianitaki.
  • Professor of Tennis at City Unity College, Tutor of ETC and General Manager of the LAB Tennis Academy, Giannis Lambrou.
  • ETC representative in Northern Greece, ASAP Tennis Academy Coach, Odysseas Triggidis.

The webminar addressed the issue of training juniors players, younger and older than 10 years, in the period of their reintegration into the training procedures, after a long period of abstinence from them.

It  refered to specific approaches to the subject, i) technique, ii) tactics and iii) their implementation on court by the coach.

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