Mental Skills Coaching: " Try! "

Every child learns that without repeated effort, mistakes and failures, there can be no improvement neither in sport nor in life.

Why should we orientate a child in Sports?
Irrelevant to the sport, sport will teach a child:
To try
To be patient
To be persistence
To set goals

So the next time that a child makes a mistake or fails in doing an activity or a task, try not to tell things like “I told you so”, “You should have done it this way” “Well, play-time is over, because you are going to get heart”.
Instead, we could say “Get up, Try again”.
Do you know why?

A child, a young, an adult, a senior athlete or even a champion, will listen years after years from their coaches and co-athletes, “Try again”, “Come-on get up and Try again” and again and again and again….. until when?

Until you become the best version of yourself...

“Have you ever Tried. Have you ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again, Fail Again, Fail better” -Samuel Beckett.

Watch on the link below the facebook profile of "Talent ID and Development" by the Head of Mental Skills Coaching of ETC, Elisavet Velentza.


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