After the operation's suspension of 3 months the Dais sports center, from Monday 15 June 2020 , will start operating againthe ETC-DAIS Tennis Project!
Faithful to the directions of the state, as we did during the quarantine, so now, will be observed with absolute consistency, all health protocols and
regulations for the absolutely safe operation at all places of Dais sports center. 
With this program at Dais, we will implement  the training system of ETC, as well as the scientific and technical support to the 4 factors of performance (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental).


In these programs can participate children born in 2015 and before and
adults, from beginner level to competitive…
In detail, the programs of the ETC-DAIS Tennis Project are:

1.      Play tennis .... for junior and adult beginners.
2.      Developing players U10
* Blue stage
* Advance red stage
* Advance orange stage
* Subjuniors green stage
3.      Developing players U12 Competition level.4.      Developing players U14 Competition & high performance level

5.      Developing players U16 High and top performance level.
6.      Recreational juniors training
7.      Adults training.
8.      Total practices for adults.
9.      Evolving Tennis Fitness.
10.   Mental skills coaching
For more information about the  ETC-DAIS Tennis Project check the links below:

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