Preparation for the Hellenic Junior Nationals 2020

ETC’s player support, carried out a training program specially designed for the preparation
of players under 14, Konstantinos Hatzikaplanis and Alkiviadis Sykas, throughout the month
of July and until the start of the games of the juniorNationals championship2020.
Main theme of the practices, was the combination of the game situations with tactical
intentions and with the required mental and physical adaptations ....
The preparation took place at the courts of Salamina Tennis Academy, at the courts of
ASAPP in Panorama Thessaloniki and at the facilities of the Tennis Lab Academy in Rentis ...
Responsible for the preparation of the program in Thessaloniki and Athens and the
implementation in Athens was the technical director of ETC Manos Moulianitakis, supervisor
of the program in Thessaloniki was the coach of the ASAPP competition teams / supervisor
of ETC for Northern Greece, Odysseas Trigidis , implementation in Thessaloniki, the coach
of ASAPP / member of ETC’s coaches Vasiliki Giakouvaki, partner for Athens was Aphrodite
Tzanopoulou / / member of ETC’s coaches and for Thessaloniki Dimitris Kousaridis, member
of ASAPP coaching team .