Webinar No.3 on Saturday 27/3/2021

Subject:  Play Tennis/ Play Stay (ETC Coach’s categorization Stage 1… ETC/S1) 10-step tennis
1.The 10-step rally for starter player

2.From the 10-step rally to bigger until the full court
3.Working, in every step, on the Technical- Tactical- Physical and Mental aspects

^ Speaker: Manos Moulianitakis (CV) / ETC Technical Director and                                                                                                         Odysseas Trigidis (CV) / ETC's Representative in Northern Greece - Coach of Competitve Juniors at ASAPP Tennis Academy, Thessaloniki. 
^ Date: Suturday 27/3/2021

^ Hours: 19:00 - 21:30
^ Cost of participation: 25€ 
^ Certification of Attendance will be given.

You can declare participation with these two following steps:

1.By sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or a personal message on Fb: evolving_tennis_coaching and Instagram: @evolving_tennis_coaching. On the email or pm you have to refer that you are intrested in th Webinar no.3, your user name on Skype and  your email.

2. Deposit the amount of the participation cost in the bank account with number: GR2602606190000740101264606, Eurobank Bank, on the name Agapi Moulianitaki, payment refrence Wεbinar No.3 and your full name.

^ Registrations Deadline: Friday 26 March 2021

^ In case the number of registrations is more than the number that Skype can support, priority will be given based on the order of registration.

^ The participants will receive on their emails, their participation approval and after the end of the webinar, the presentations in pdf format and the Certification of Attendance.

 ^ Organizing Team:

  • Agapi Moulianitaki / Head of Finance, Advertising, Promotion and Social Media of ETC
  • Spyros Diakainisakis / Head of Program Implementation and Public Relations of ETC.
  • Giannis Lambrou / Professor of Tennis at City Unity College, ETC Tutor and General Manager of LABTennis Academy.
  • Odysseas Trigidis / ETC Representative in Northern Greece, Coach of Competitve Juniors at ASAPP Tennis Academy, Thessaloniki.

^ For More Information:
Contact us by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us pm on Fb: evolving_tennis_coaching and on Instagram: @evolving_tennis_coaching

 ^ Evolving Tennis Coaching:
YouTube Chanel: Evolving Tennis Coaching ETC.

19:00- 20:00: From self- rallies to the 1 st netcourt…Technical- tactical- physical-mental from the 1 st time / Manos Moulianitakis - Odysseas Trigidis
20:00- 21:15:  From the 1st court to full court… Working on Technical- Tactical- Physical- Mental / Manos Moulianitakis - Odysseas Trigidis
21:15- 21:30: Questions & Answers What now??? / Manos Moulianitakis - Odysseas Trigidis