Velentza Elisavet

Personal information

Direction: Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 6981297857

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A former professional Olympic trained athlete with over 10 years’ experience in athletics coaching now recognized as sport scientist. Goal-oriented and motivating sport scientist with holistic knowledge and understanding of the multifaceted aspects of talent identification and development; and how training process, injury prevention and sport psychology are coexisted and interact with each other. Proven ability to design and implement a ‘Tracking and Monitoring System’ that captures the key development markers of identified athletes progressing through to the classified age squads.


  • Energetic and enthusiastic person
  • Good Motivator
  • Good Communication skills
  • Understanding the needs of elite athletes
  • Empathetic to the requirements of athletes
  • Empathy, patience and understanding of elite athletic environments
  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge into practical environment
  • Extremely organised
  • Disciplined
  • Dedicated and determined to achieve goals
  • Self-motivated
  • Observant

Professional Experience

Founder, “The Team Project”
Nov 2018- till present -  Athens, Greece

Building a Talent Orientation model
Orientating athletes’ talent. Selecting the sport in which an athlete is talented, through anthropometrical, physical and psychological assessments.

Lecturer in Sport Science, AMC, Metropolitan College
Sep 2018- till present -  Athens, Greece

Lecturing Bachelor students on their second and graduation year, the following subjects:

  • Disability, Sport and Physical Education
  • Training programs for Sport and Exercise,
  • Human Performance
  • Sports Coaching Practice and Expertise Development, [Track and Field]

Lecturer in Sport Science, General Secretary of Sport in Greece 
May 2018- till present - Athens, Greece

Lecturing Trainers at the Sport Coaching Academy to get their C Licence in Chess. The subjects as follows:

  • Training Science
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport Pedagogy
  • Sport Sociology

Adidas Running Coach, Adidas
May 2018-Dec 2018 - Athens, Greece

Educate all sales person and managers in retail regarding the technology that define the products of running in Adidas shoes or clothing.
Increasing sales in each retail shop in Athens/Greece approx. 5-10%
Increasing sales by 3% across Greece by undertaking presentations to a group of retailer and managers across Greece regarding the Adidas technology.

Performance Pathway Manager in Track and Field, World’s Elite Sport Performance Academy [WESPA] 
May 2017- Jan 2018 - Birkenhead, UK

Identify talented athletes aged 8-16 to enter into Athletics at the Academy. Structured development pathways for young individuals to achieve senior elite levels of performance.

  • Designed and implemented a talent identification system together with WESPA athletic coaches that captures the key developmental aptitudes of identified individuals, leading to a 20% increase of talented pool into the academy.
  • Structured benchmarking practices that support an athletes’ individual progression within WESPA developmental Pathway to be objectively quantified against a medal winning trajectory.
  • Established multidisciplinary benchmarking practices for talent confirmation not only for 8-16 years old but also for 16+.
  • Monitored the long-term development of talented athletes by identifying their training needs.

Track and Field Coach (Level 2), Sprint and Hurdles - Liverpool Harries & Athletic Club 
April 2017-January 2018 - Liverpool, UK

Planned individual and team strength and conditioning training. Athletes achieved places in their category between 4th and 10th place. Delivered in accordance with UK Strength and Conditioning association procedures in conjunction with my own philosophy, experience and studies.

  • Provided both individual and team training programmes to young talents aged 9-16.
  • Coached adult and senior athletes based on UKA coaching guidelines.
  • Coordinated Talent Identification, Athlete Development, Talent Selection and/or Talent Transfer of youth individuals into Athletics.
  • Obtained 30% performance improvement through designed rehabilitation, injury prevention and core strength programmes.
  • Advised athletes related to nutrition, first aid, CPR, workouts, conditioning and related well-being matters.

Rehabilitation Program Coordinator - Thiseas Sport Rehabilitation Centre 
Nov 2016 - Mar 2017 - Athens, Greece

Worked in conjunction with cardiologists to prescribe training programs tailored to the performance needs of the recreational and professional athletes through physiological assessment. Evaluated the musculoskeletal system via Biodex System Pro 4 Isokinetic testing and training (Damplaid). Assessed a person's overall health, with special attention to cardiovascular function and metabolism.

  • Biodex System Specialist
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Training professional athletes for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Schedule and maintain an accurate and up-to-date staff Rota of 5 people.
  • Trained and managed the work of environmental services specialists in the sport science laboratory.
  • Administered exercise stress tests in healthy and unhealthy populations.
  • Evaluated physiological factors young athletes aged 16-18 years old limiting the performance and accurate training intensities to be identified.
  • Benchmarked to compare young athletes aged 16-18 years old against international performance standards.
  • Determined the best training and rehabilitation plans based on individual abilities and goals.
  • Developed and implemented training programs to improve the speed, endurance and strength for specific joints.

Tutor in Sport Science - University of Chester
Sep 2013- Jul 2014 - Chester, UK

Teaching Bachelor Students on their first, second and third year in the following subjects:

  • “Introduction to Biomechanics and Kinesiology”
  • “Biomechanics and Notational Analysis in Sport”
  • “Applied Sport Biomechanics”

Performance Development Coach in Track and Field - LAZ SPORTS CLUB 
Oct 2009-Jul 2011 - Leipzig, Germany

Identified physical characteristics to help predict future elite track and field athletes. Measured anthropometrical and physical characteristics of young athletes (9-13 years old). 

  • Assisted in Talent Identification initiatives, designed to identify and recruit from both within the sport and those with potential to transfer from other sports.
  • Delivered and implemented personalized training programs based on the strength and weaknesses of athletes while identifying areas for further development; 20% of identified talented athletes at the age of 14 years old improved their performance 30% yearly and remained in the LAZ club for more than 2 years].
  • Maintain and develop a comprehensive database to track and monitor athlete development, specifically from the age of 14 years old and onwards.

Tutor in Biomechanics - University of Leipzig 
Oct 2008-Jan 2010 - Leipzig, Germany

Mentor master’s students’ project completion (i.e. Body scanner), orientate teaching style to individual needs

  • Assess the body segment parameter via body scanner


MPhil: Sport Science - University of Chester
2017 - Chester, UK

Gladstone Fellowship Fully Funded MPhil/PhD (Oct 2012 - Feb 2016)
Co-Funded by the University of Chester and England Rugby Football Union. Title thesis: “A retrospective analysis of talent selection and promotion within England’s Rugby Football Union Elite Player Performance Pathway”.

  • Recipient of Gladstone Fellowship Scholarship

Master of Science: European Master in Exercise and Sports Psychology - University of Leipzig
2011 - Leipzig, Germany

Dissertation Title
Recognising the relationship between motor abilities and the psychological abilities of children from the ages 10 to14 years of age.

  • Recipient of Erasmus Scholarship

Master of Science: MSc in Sports Science, Training Diagnosis and Intervention - University of Leipzig
2011 - Leipzig, Germany

Dissertation Title
The impact of jumping and aerobic exhaustion training, on elementary and acyclic speed performance.
Presented by example of electromyography.

Master of Science: MSc in Sport Science, Prevention and Rehabilitation - Technical University of Munich [TUM]
2009 - Munich, Germany

Dissertation Title
Exercise and its effects on the rehabilitation of patients with Peripheral Arterial Occlusive disease.

  • Recipient of Goethe Institute Scholarship

Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science:
a. Coaching Science for Adapted Motor Education and b. Tennis - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
2007 -  Athens, Greece

Diploma thesis 2008: Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity athletes with spinal cord injury, and comparison of the aerobic and anaerobic capacity between Basketball-, Tennis- and Track and field- Spinal - cord athletes.

  • Recipient of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation [IKY] Scholarship


Diploma in Clinical Ergospirometry and Rehabilitation  - Nov 2016 - Mar 2017
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Centre for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (e-learning)

Basic Life Support [BLS] Provider Valid  - 11/02/2017 until 11/02/2020
European Resuscitation Council

Coaching qualifications

Track & Field, Trainer-License B  - 2009
German Sport University of Cologne

Tennis, Trainer Licence B  - 2007
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Diploma of sailing in open sea  - 2007
Hellenic Offshore racing club, Piraeus, Greece

Volunteering work

Head of Track and Field in Underprivileged Children - Pro Sports Development
Jul 2014-Jan 2015- Orissa, India

Responsible for the development and implementation of the athletics program for the organisation.
Supported the recruitment and development of coaches across the coaching structure.

  • Delivered a comprehensive Coaching Development Plan for 2 coaches based on training needs analysis of every coach’s current and required level of performance.
  • Ensured growth of the organisation by increasing 20% of active participation and retention of athletes by mentoring coaches in planning programs and services for student athletes.
  • Acted as a role model for younger woman to actively engage in sports in India.
  • Worked creatively to determine the best way to integrate team building and character building into the structure of the sport by employing specific sport activities during the sessions.
  • Encouraged and instructed athletes and students in good sportsmanship.
  • Promote Health through sport

Nominee Volunteer to become member of the Greek Red Cross, at the Department of Samaritan, Rescuer and Lifeguard 
Sep 2019- still in training

Greek Red Cross, Department of Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards


Native Greek, fluent German, fluent English


Selected as a member of the Greek National Team in Athletics for the Olympic Games 2004 (Retired due to injury prior to Olympic Games).

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.