Spanos Konstantinos

Personal information

Forensic Physiologist MSc, PhD

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Co-founder of the Scientific Center for Osteoporosis, Nutrition and Exercise, ErgoBiology.

Since 2006, where he graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, he has been conducting research on exercise, health and health respectively.

He has been working as an Occupational Physiologist since 2010, specializing in maximizing athletic performance as well as ergometric evaluation and rehabilitation.

He is a PhD candidate at the University of Peloponnese (School of Human Movement and Quality of Life Sciences) and a Postgraduate Degree in Ergophysiology and Training, Democritus University of Thrace.

During his postgraduate research, he focused on human metabolism, exercise and maximizing athletic performance while in recent years he has published published research papers that he has presented at international conferences in the fields of: Corporate Wellness, Allostatic load-stress and injury-disease prevention-training through exercise.

Since 2009 he has been an active member:

  • scientific support team for athletes and high level teams (National Hellenic Basketball, Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Amyntas, Proteas Voula, Apollo, tkd Jaguar, AS Dafnis etc.)
  • ELERGA (Hellenic Society of Exercise and Rehabilitation Obstetric Exercise)
  • ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).

In recent years he has been a rapporteur on educational activities related to training, work physiology, health promotion (health education and prevention), wellness and wellbeing.

Examples include:

  • Olympic Taekwondo coaches' summer schools (International Olympic Academy)
  • Taekwondo & Dispensary Coach School (General Secretariat of Sport)
  • "Focus on the Man" - Meeting of the Association of Disabled People of N. Laconia under the auspices of the Municipality of Sparta and the National Assembly of Greece. Social Protection of Solidarity and Education
  • Omega Schools, I.I.EK. HOUSE - Aegean College, in the field of ergophysiology and training
  • International Scientific Conferences on Physical Education & Sport, Dietetics and Sport Medicine (Athens, Komotini, Sparta)
  • Kallipratto - Center for specialized cognitive training seminars
  • Festival-Workshop for World Health Day (Attica Region)