STAGE 1 / S1

Implementing the coaches education section of ETC, a training program begins, for the 1st level of coaching categorization of ETC, Stage 1 / S1 ...

The S1, includes 40 sessions (1:30 hours each session), 20 sessions theoretically online and 20 hours of practice on court...

The issues that are developed are:
a. Introduction of juniors under and over 10 and adults
b. Training recreational juniors and adults
c. Training for red level 6 and 7 years ....

The program will start on Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25 July with a total of 6 hours (4 sessions / 3 hours per day),
with practical training on the courts of Tennis Lab Academy, in Athens...

The following topics will be developed:

1. Feeding (coaching skills)
2. Range of acceptability (coaching skills)
3. Basic principles of communication depending on age (coaching skills)
4. Basic principles for the production of drills (coaching skills)

This program is either part of the 40 s1 sessions or a separate seminar.

Training programs for all 3 categories of ETC coaches will be organized and implemented throughout the year.

Stage 1 Coaches:

Odysseas Trigkidis

ETC's Supervisor for Noerthen Greece

Head Coach at Competitive Juniors at ASAPP Tennis Academy

Dimitris Vakoufaris

Coach at ASAPP Tennis Academy

Pavlos Dinopoulos

Head Coach at Champions of Pefka Tennis Academy

Vasiliki Giakouvaki

Coach at ASAPP Tennis Academy

Theodora Dimitrou

  • Technical Director of Niki Drosias Tennis Academy

  • ETC's Tutor (City UNnity College Athens


tennis coach niki drosias

Nikolaos Pagonis

Coach at Niki Drosias Tennis Academy

Rafael Simeon Theofanidis

Coach at Niki Drosias Tennis Academy

Katerina Sarantou

Coach at Niki Drosias Tennis Academy

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