ETC & Inspire2Coach: Online Learning

IC2 / Inspire2coach have recently teamed up with Alistair Higham and Ana Soares from Coaching Edge UK to produce a series of 3 online learning courses for tennis coaches on “Coaching Match Skills”. Each course lasts 3 hours, including 120 minutes of interactive learning including video and audio classes, progress quizzes and text.

The courses are aimed at coaches who have an interest in Match Flow and Momentum and the desire to integrate more match relevant work into their coaching and competition programme.

They would be ideal for embedding into a Coach Development programme, either as stand-alone or integrated with online presentations we could arrange. The key points about the course are:

  • The content is cutting edge, focussing on what happens in a tennis match, informed by the latest research
  • The courses are written by experts in coaching, sport psychology and coach development. The authors are highly experienced in tennis and football, and have been employed to present this material by National Federations including the LTA and the Football Association (UK), Nottingham Forest Football Academy, TeamBath Tennis and Nottingham Performance Tennis Academy, as well as in international tennis academies and large tennis clubs.
  • They are designed in bite-size chunks for all devices including mobiles, with video explanations, audio interviews, big match examples, quizzes and diagrams
  • They help players develop their tactical and mental effectiveness in matches, and are packed with performance profiles and worksheets
  • They are ideal to use any adults or juniors 12+ who play regular competitive tennis

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