International Collaboration

Greek tennis school for coaches and players, ETC, and UK-based tennis provider Inspire2coach I2C / Coach Centra, lhave entered into an international partnership agreement.

ETC is a leading tennis provider in Greece, and Inspire2coach is a leading tennis provider in the UK and around the world. 

The partnership will include coach education workshops for Greek tennis coaches through i2c’s Coach Central brand, and online learning opportunities for Greek coaches through i2c’s Tennis24/7 brand. 

The agreement has been negitated by i2c Founder and International Speaker Mark Tennant and the General and Technical Director of ETC, Manos Moulianitakis . The partnership will start with the launch of online training of coaches from Greece and the organization of online seminars (webinars) by the end of 2022.

In 2023, the partnership will also include series of Educational  and Training Workshops for coaches in Greece.

Also there will be announced educational activities for coaches from ETC, both in England and in Greece

Τhere will be regular updates through I2C's and ETC's social media pages and the websites. 

Meet Inspire2coach I2C / Coach Central:

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