Tennis Coaches Seminar with Mark Tennant (pics)

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March 2023, the Sports Tennis Association of Panorama Pylaia (ASAP Tennis Academy) and ETC / Evolving tennis coaching... a school for coaches and players,
organized the Coaches Seminar in Collaboration with Inspire2Coach (I2C), at its facilities TFF Tennis Academy at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki.

The seminar belongs to the 2nd Stage of categorization of ETC coaches (S2/Stage 2) and was attended by coaches cooperating with ETC / coaches of the Academies cooperating with ETC as well as coaches and students from many parts of Greece...

The topic of the seminar was the holistic training of players of & long term development 7 to 11 years old (Long term development), Red / Orange / Green / U12.

The Founder and Chief Executive of the British Tennis Coaches Education and Training Organisation, Inspire2Coach/ I2C, and one of the most important international tutors, Mark Tennant, was the Keynote Speaker.

The coordinator, speaker and person in charge of the seminar was the Technical Director of ETC and the Sports Tennis Association of Panorama Pylaia (ASAPP), Manos Moulianitakis.

The head/responsible for the Organization was the person in charge of the ETC in Northern Greece, manager and coach of the competitive teams of the Sports Tennis Association of Panorama Pylaia (ASAPP), Odysseas Trigidis (S1-S2-S3).

We sincerely thank the major sponsors of the seminar Head and Yuppi camp, the sponsors Bodywise Stduio, 2 Persons Psychology and Backξες and the communication sponsor
The members of the organizing team, namely:
1. Agapi Moulianitaki / Owner, Head of Finance, Communication, Promotion and Social
Media of ETC.
2. Dimitris Vakoufaris (S1)/ member of ETC and Coach of the Sports Tennis Club of Panorama
Pylaia (ASAPP).
3. Vasiliki Giakouvaki (S1-S2)/ member of ETC and coach of the infrastructure departments
of the Panorama Pylaia Tennis Club (ASAPP).
4. Pavlos Dinopoulos (S1)/ member of ETC.
5. Spyros Karalis / Director of TFF Tennis Academy 
6. Theodora Dimitrou / Technical Director of Niki Drosias Tennis Academy and ETC's Tutor City UNnity College, Athens

See photos from the seminar below.

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