Quiz for Coaches: Stage 2

ETC, in the context of Coaches Education, presents some elements from its coaching system, through a series of Knowledge Quiz ...
Each Quiz refers to a specific topic which in turn belongs to a specific training level of ETC.
The training system includes the following topics:

1. Play tennis .... for junior and adult beginners.
2. Tennis 10s
3. Play tennis .... for junior and adult recreational.
4. Developing players U10
* Advance red stage
* Advance orange stage
* Subjuniors green stage
5. Developing players U12 Competition level.
6. Developing players U14 Competition & high performance level
7. Developing players U16 High and top performance level.

Each topic concerns the respective levels of ETC coaches which are:

* ETC Coach Stage 1....ETC/S1
* ETC Coach Stage 2....ETC/S2
* ETC Coach Stage 3....ETC/S3
* ETC Coach Stage 4....ETC/S4The S1 corresponds to the basic coaching knowledge, the S2 to the advanced, the S3 to the high and the S4 to that of the Technical Director of the Academy. In detail the categorization of the coaches for the ETC in future publications.

The topics of the Quiz Stage 2 are:
1. Tennis 10s
2. Development U12/ U14
a. Detection Correction
b. Periodisation
c. Game situations- Tactical Intentions

You can find the Quiz  Stage 2 on this link:  index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=211:questions-2-en&catid=10&lang=en-GB 

You can check the right anwers on this link: index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=210:answers2-en&catid=10&lang=en-GB

Have Fun and we hope to contribute to improving the knowledge of all those involved.

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