Coaches Workshop Ad tennis club 6/10/2019

As part of its coaching program, ETC held its third coaching workshop for 2019 on Sunday, October 6, at Advantage Tennis Academy.

The topics that were developed were:

a) An overall approach to all tennis performance elements for all levels and ages / Tennis practice ... red-orange-green level / competitive juniors

  1. Technical-Tactical-physical-mental.
  2. Coaching- Communication on skills.
  3. Closed- semi open- open drills.

b) Lab Testing for tennis players: The Importance and Order of Lab Evaluation and Training Direction

c) Myoskeletal correction first - physical development after

d) Nutrition control for tennis players / What is the utility for the coach.

Coordinator of the workshop and lecturer on tennis training was ETC’s  technical director Manos Moulianitakis, lecturer on lab testing was ETC’s Strength & Conditioning Head expert, Costas Spanos MSc, PhD and lecture for nutrition in tennis was  the ETC’s head expert for the  nutrition department, Vassiliki Lianidis. Bsc in dietics / MSc in public health.

There was action on the court as well, with the participating coaches taking part. In this way it has been shown in practice how they can apply and integrate training, different-new approaches, ideas and exercises that will facilitate and evolve the workout.

A Workshop was conducted to evaluate the range of muscle groups active in tennis. In practice, the question was answered, how do we identify a possible movement deficit that negatively affects performance. They have also seen in practice how to assess body posture and the procedure with a lip doppler - indicators to consider: muscle mass, fat percentage, lean mass, etc.

At the end, participants received a certificate of attendance at the 3rd ETC training session.

ETC's goal in training coaches is to organize training activities with themes that will always present something new or different and useful for the actual training process.

You can also see photos at:

Instagram: @evolving_tennis_coaching

Facebook: evolving_tennis_coaching

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